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Download profile: PNphpBB3 ver. 3.0.11 beta!

Version 3 of the famous opensource forum, hacked for use with PostNice.

This is a hack, it is not compatible with any API, pnRender, etc.

Install instructions:
drop the PNphpBB3 folder into your your /modules directory.
Then proceed with your browser to modules/PNphpBB3/install and follow the instructions.
Be sure to use the same database table prefix as for your PostNice installation.

After the installation, the forum will be accessible under /modules/PNphpBB3 and should appear integrated into your PostNice site. The php files in that directory have some further options hardcoded into the files, such as hide left column, hide right column, etc. that work with PostNice themes and should be self-explanatory.

Userdata: userdata gets syncronised from PostNice to PNphpBB3 every time a new user visits the forum as well as every time a user loads a page of the forum with a minimum interval of one minute. This uses phpBB3's cron feature.

Themes/templates: all templates made for phpbb3 should work with very little modification. I believe I just added a call to load the theme's CSS near the top of overall_header
Currently, only prosilver is supported.

phpBB3 upgrades:
I will follow phpBB3's official versioning to number the releases of PNphpBB3.
I will upgrade the module whenever necessary, but upgrading by yourself should be pretty straightforward, thanks to phpBB3's excellent code compare feature that lets the user compare old and new code, so that modifications can easily be carried over.

Additional features:
Since I made very few changes to the original phpBB3 files, I see no reason why phpBB3's numerous mods should not be able to get integrated into PNphpBB3.
For PostNice to use phpBB3's private messaging it just takes some code edits and maybe a block.
The attachments module seems to be a must have.
A calendar module is an optional nice-to-have.
So be prepared to see the following add-ons appear in the next weeks:
- PostNice private messaging using PNphpBB3
- PNphpBB3 Attachment module
- PNphpBB3 Calendar

Author: M00N0i (
Version: 3.0.11
Filesize: 2.48 MB

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